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The establishment of St. Claret School at Narasannapeta was a long cherished desire of the people of the locality to have missionaries-run educational institution which would provide their children good learning experience, training and opportunities for intellectual, psychological, emotional and spiritual growth with special emphasis on character formation
and personality development. Over the years, the institution has stood up to the expectations of the people of this region. From its very inception the school has been striving to providediverse learning experiences to bring about a positive change in the behavior of the students.

The focus of Claret’s dedicated staff always remains learning for every student every day. Teachers design their instructional material to enable each student to be a successful learner. Under a conducive school climate and a healthy classroom atmosphere various classroom- based curricular assessments, extra-literary and co-curricular activities, sports and games are organized to augment the pursuit of the students for their academic excellence and all round development..Read More …

Fr.Antony CMF



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“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, but knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”


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